The Broadway Musicals of the 1970’s

Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
The Broadway Musicals of the 1970's

The Broadway Musicals of the 1970's

The Broadway Musicals of the 1970’s – Theater Review


Scott Siegel’s acclaimed Broadway By the Year series will continue June 15 at Manhattan’s Town Hall with The Broadway Musicals of 1970. The evening, directed and choreographed by Jeffry Denman, will boast the talents of Max Von Essen, Melissa Errico, Sahr Ngaujah, Christiane Noll, Meredith Patterson and Scott Coulter. Denman will also perform; show time is 8 PM.

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“Broadway Musicals of 1970’s” is part of the ninth year of Town Hall presentations, Broadway by the Year series. To be quite honest, my friend Scott Seagle is the one who produces them, and introduces them, and he’s terrific. He’s certainly has gotten more depth to these and more professionals. The good news is that it’s fun to see some Broadway stars, seeing some musicals. The bad news is that there is often a reason why these songs are fairly unfamiliar, as quite often they’re not terrific. So, in this one, there are a couple of standouts, but the reason to go is kind of a piece of history, and to see Scott. Town Hall is just really a wonderful setting. The tickets are subsidized enough that they’re $40 or $50, so what you should do is go to and find out what’s coming up, and if there’s a particular year that you’d like, or a particular musical you like, then get yourself over to Town Hall and sing along. 4 stars.