The Blue Toothed Virgin

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Blue Toothed Virgin
The Blue Toothed Virgin

The Blue Toothed Virgin – Movie Review


Two writers must face a dilemma that is common to anyone who has ever had an artistic friend: what happens when you have to give feedback, and the news isn’t good? Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest attempt, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through the rest of their lives. Ultimately, both men must reevaluate their motivations to write, their need for praise and validation, and what it means to see yourself as you actually are.


“The Blue Toothed Virgin” is clearly autobiographical. Its written and directed by Russell Brown and obviously has to do with his attempts to sell his screenplay and his friends attempt to be honest with him and the chaos it ensues. The best part about this movie is actually the opening animation, which has got Sisyphus pushing a rock up to the top of the hill; its adorable as are the little entr’actes which have quotations from Camus and other cool authors who say smart things about criticism, friendship, etc. So it’s a smart movie, the last 10 or 15 minutes work, and it’s only 80 minutes, which feels much longer, never a good indication. Basically two man friends break up over critiquing a script. We’ve seen it before, as I said the last 15 minutes are ok, but this is a two star movie at most. That’s being generous.