The Big Knife

Doug Hughes + The Big Knife
Thursday, August 22 nd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Director (s):
Doug Hughes
Bobby Cannavale, Rachel Brosnahan, Marin Ireland, Billy Eugene Jones, Richard Kind, C.J. Wilson, Ana Reeder, Reg Rogers, Joey Slotnick, Brenda Wehle, Chip Zien, Katya Campbell, Erika Rolfsrud, Lee Aaron Rosen, Baylen Thomas, Mark Zeisler
Dramatic Play
Celebs on Stage, Broadway, American

The Big Knige is Clifford Odets’ play about Hollywood, and this one stars Bobby Cannavale as Charlie Castle who is a movie star with a secret. Reg Rogers plays Smily Coy, who is actually very good in this but doesn’t have a whole lot to do, and Richard Kind plays Marcus Hoff who is I guess the sort of evil studio head. I like Clifford Odets, I loved Golden Boy, but this seemed to be mostly about terrific clothes. The plot is not uninteresting about a movie star with a secret who’s estranged wife doesn’t want him to sign his life away to the Louis B. Mayer character for the next fourteen years, even for a lot of money. The set is gorgeous and the costumes are terrific, this is set in 1948 in Beverly Hills, but the acting isn’t very good in this one. Bobby Cannavale looks the part, but he never quite gets the part under his control, as does everybody else, and this is sort of an exercise in what might have been, as opposed to a really tight exploration of guilt and redemption and possibility. Two stars.