The Big Apple Circus

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
The Big Apple Circus

The Big Apple Circus

The Big Apple Circus – Theater Review


In its 31st year, the Big Apple Circus performs annually an all new show featuring circus artists from around the world. The music is a jazzy mix of classical, rock and soul; the food is popcorn and; young and old will love our all new show, Play On! -a symphony of astonishment and humor propelled by the best band in the land!

Of course, the circus is the thing and Play On! features the world’s finest circus artists under the Big Apple Big Top performing in the theatrical focus of one ring with no seat more than 50 feet away.

Pick of the Week!


I am a great fan of the Big Apple Circus. I have probably seen 15 of them. I think this is, if not the best, certainly one of the best. They’ve done away with the idea of themes and Bello, who is their clown from seven generations of circus performers, is back and he’s back with a vengeance. He’s more relaxed, he’s more fun, he’s more involved. He’s been named America’s best clown. He’s very athletic and he’s quite wonderful. This circus really rocks. It’s something to take kids to because you’re very close. It’s got daredevils, it’s got amazing contortionists. This is a circus for the ages. This is five stars.