The Big Apple Circus

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 


The Big Apple Circus annually presents an all-new show featuring renowned circus artists from around the world. This year’s performers come from America, Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mongolia and Russia.


The Big Apple Circus this year is called “Dance On”.  This is probably the most accessible Big Apple Circus ever, especially for young kids.  It’s got a lot of dancing, and it’s very international.  It’s a little shorter in length than most of them.  Most of the acts are just really terrific.  They’re brand new .  There are a couple that are very  old school– the Bulgarians and the Russians didn’t do terribly well in my book, but maybe it’s because they’re sort of more traditional circus fare.  The contortionists and the guys from Kenya were terrific.  What they’ve got this year as opposed to other years is they’ve got all the performers in the program at least dressed in civilian garb as well.  So we get a look of what they look like in general.  “Grandma”, one of the older clown characters, sort of out did herself.  I don’t know if this is her last season or not, but she was really full of spunk and vinegar.  Maybe there’s a clue to this, because it says that Joey Matthews plays Grandma during the 2011 winter tour.  So I don’t know if that’s what’s going on, but Grandma was absolutely energized this year.  I think it was really a fun circus.  A lot more dancing, a little bit shorter, and in particular Rob Torres just really stole the show.  He’s their newest comic.  He’s really terrific and has a great feel for the audience.  I never cease to be amazed at how good these guys are at picking the right person to bring down from the audience with one exception.  The only thing I thought was a weak point was Kevin, the ring master.  They’ve now introduced Marc Gindick, I didn’t make that up, as a foil.  Maybe it’s Grandma’s upcoming replacement.  But I didn’t think he added very much other than his yellow sneaks to the party.  The kids seemed to like him, but I thought he was sort of the weak point of the circus.  I give it four stars.