Tales from Vienna Woods

Kate Whoriskey + Tales from Vienna Woods
Monday, April 22 nd, 2019 at 00:04 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Kate Whoriskey
Nina Arianda, Tina Benko, Kathleen Chalfant, Michael Esper, Michael Goldsmith and Lucas Hall

Tales from Vienna Woods stars Nina Arianda, who won lots of awards for Venus in Fur, she alos has a role in Rob the Mob, which is basically the same role as Venus in Fur. I think this is a talented actress who has been miscast in this role. The play is set in 1920 in Vienna, it opens through a dark scrim and we see a women in widow’s weeds, who has sex with a man for money who then leaves, so she is a prostitute. And then what unfolds is her life. We have the wonderful Kathleen Chalfant who has nothing really to do. The story is…I don’t know what it is, its equal parts feminist political science, part soap opera. The idea is a woman’s husband is killed and how can she take care of herself. And this was certainly historically was a problem, and in a society where women were not given a lot of choices in 1920 Vienna, it was probablly even more severe. Its too long, we didn’t need 3 acts. It is very uneven, people go from having very labored, mannered conversations to something that sounds very hip and very modern. 2.5 stars