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A documentary on a former Miss Wyoming who is charged with abducting and imprisoning a young Mormon Missionary.


Tabloid is a documentary by Erroll Morris, who did The Thin Blue Line, among others. That’s the one that I knew him best for. This is documentary is a story of —  basically truth is stranger than fiction, of Joyce McKinney, who is a self-described former beauty queen, who decided she found the man of her dreams and pursued him, even though he sort of seemed uninterested in her. It turns out that they were both very young when they met and he was a Mormon. And she thought they were going to get married and he went away and did his two years of missionary work. And she went to England and kidnapped him at gunpoint and took him several hundred miles away, and described what she said was the honeymoon, kept him prisoner and they had sex. And when she got back to London she was arrested, tried, convicted and jailed.  The trial was a tabloid sensation, the manacled Mormon and the beauty queen, yadda, yadda  This is her story. And whether you view her as completely nutty,or, as she described herself as somewhat obsessed. It’s kind of a snotty documentary in a way, in that they have Joyce McKinney talking directly to the camera and then they have various experts and they sort of flash words across people’s discussions. It is mean to her. I doubt that she would approve of it. On the other hand, this is clearly a woman who craves publicity. It doesn’t answer the major question I wanted to ask, which is where did she get all this money. I mean, at one point she charters a private plane and she hires bodyguards to go with her to England. And she gets a gun and I mean, where did she get all this money. And she pays for her beloved dog to be cloned which is kind of the corker of the documentary,  costing $150,000. Where’d she get that money. So it doesn’t answer the question of where’d you get that money, but it is an interesting documentary. Three and a half stars.