Still Life

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Still Life

Still Life

Still Life – Theater Review


What do you do when your purpose in life has been stolen from you? One year after Michelle lost all her artwork and the use of her hands in an apartment fire, David must help the former artist find an answer to this question.


STILL LIFE is an interesting piece that is done in one of my favorite theaters in which to watch a play, the Lucille Lortel down in the Village. It has a great cast, including Frederick Weller, who is really one of my favorite actors, and Sarah Paulson. Basically, it focuses on a woman who takes pictures of dead animals — I know, doesn’t sound all that appealing does it? — a man who seems to be dying, a father who’s a photographer who can’t distinguish his work from his daughter’s. So it’s certainly troubled characters. The problem is that the cast is a bit uneven, and the star of the show is really the bad guy — which I suppose the star of every show is always the bad guy — it’s one of the problems in my life. Now I’m whining. Anyway, the lead really steals the show because he has a lot of vibrancy and a lot of energy, and he’s a complete stinker. You really dislike him, greatly. The cast is a bit uneven. The men are better than the women. For the ambition of the script, three stars, for the unevenness of the cast, 2, so its probably a two and a half star event.