So Help Me God

Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
So Help Me God

So Help Me God

So Help Me God – Theater Review


So Help Me God! is an uproarious backstage farce brimming with biting satire and delicious characters. Kristen Johnston, two-time Emmy Award winner for her performance in Third Rock from the Sun will perform the role of Lily in So Help Me God, a fabulous dramatic diva who must fend off a challenge from her ambitious but naïve understudy. Maurine Dallas Watkins’s play was written 20 years before All About Eve. So Help Me God! will be directed by Martin Platt.


So help me God is kind of an old-fashioned,1930’s play. In fact, it was set in 1929. Starring Kristin Johnson, who is best known from 3rd Rock from the’s the story of an over-the-top prima donna. On how she basically terrorizes the theater company. The first act is better than the second, but it is fun. This is from the Jan Maxwell School of Chewing on the Scenery, but it is fun. The costumes are terrific and you’ll get a kick out of it. So four stars.