Smash His Camera

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Smash His Camera
Smash His Camera

Smash His Camera – Movie Review


A film centering on the life and work of Ron Galella that examines the nature and effect of paparazzi.


Smash His Camera is a documentary from HBO about the famous Ron Gallalla. The title is a result of a Jackie Kennedy statement to a Secret Service Agent when she felt Ron was stalking her and the kids. Ron said he didn’t, but it actually went to court. She sued him, and he counter-sued her. This is really a fascinating documentary. I mean you start with one idea of him, which all of us got from the media, and then end up with a completely different idea of him, not only because he’s a fascinating man and not only because there are a whole lot of pictures of not only Jackie but other icons. And, regardless of how you feel at the end of this, this is a really fun documentary to watch. So, I encourage you to catch it on HBO. It’s also a Sundance Film Festival film, and you can sort of catch it by local listings. Four stars.