Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 



Small Craft Warnings is a play by Tennessee Williams. It centers on a motley group of people gathered in a seedy coastal bar in Southern California.


Small Craft Warnings is one of Tennessee Williams’ least popular plays. This version is on Theatre Row being presented by the Mother of Invention theatre company. It’s got a huge cast in it including Austin Pendleton, who is also the director, and I guess the Small Craft Warning is a whole bunch of people who were sort of drifting around and bashing into each other. It’s in a very small space so everybody is basically in your lap among other things, but I mean Austin Pendleton is wonderful to watch, and the rest of the cast is — some of them are better than others, but it’s fun to see theatre that’s this close, up close and personal. They’re literally in your lap. Austin has a great monologue that goes about seven or eight minute that really cooks. The rest of the cast, as I said, is somewhat uneven. If you’re a great Tennessee Williams fan, this is probably something you shouldn’t miss. If you’re not, it’s still fun to see theatre that’s this intimate, and as I said Austin Pendlelton is terrific in it. So I give it two stars.