Sunday, May 19 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Shrink – Movie Review


What happens when the poeple we count on to hold us together…are barely holding it together themselves? Jonas Pate’s SHRINK is a striking, fast-paced expose of the “other” Hollywood, featuring folks living outside their comfort zone and the people who put them there.


“Shrink” is a new movie about, well what can I tell you, a shrink, who has serious problems. He first of all is smoking pot through the entire movie. He’s Kevin Spacey. He has A-list famous clients including Saffron Burrows and Mark Webber, Dallas Roberts who nearly steals the movie as a sleazy, neurotic agent and even an undrecited cameo by Robin Williams. The story is very convoluted and it’s one of those stories where everything meshes together in the end. The idea is that everybody is basically a horrible person and a drug addict. The nicest person in the entire movie is actually the drug dealer. This is great performances, kind of a witty idea. It’s well directed. The idea is it’s a little bit too cute, too cynical by half. For the acting I’d give it at least four and a half stars. For the pacing I’d give it probably four stars, but for the plot — I mean I just think it’s mean-spirited plus let’s face it, I’m a therapist and having a therapist look like a complete jerk throughout is a bit much. I’d give it three stars, maybe even three and a half.