Sherman’s Way

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Sherman's Way

Sherman’s Way

Sherman’s Way – DVD Review


An eccentric Olympic has-been who prefers leisure to work, finds himself stuck with a rigid pre-law Yale student with no time for wasting time. Between skinny-dipping and stealing cars, this odd-couple learn from each other that balance is the key to getting the girl, getting the job and getting a life.


It’s a story that you’ve seen before, but perhaps never quite as engagingly. We have an uptight kid from the burbs, who’s trying to escape a domineering father, and accidentally lands in the sphere of influence of a reprobate. The fun of this movie is the reprobate is played by the great James Lagros, who is even more loveable in this than he is usually, who basically looks to find fun in his life. This is a movie that will make you chuckle. There’s no new ground here, but it’s so engagingly done, how can you not love it? Four Stars.

Joy Meter