Thursday, May 23 rd, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Seraphine – Movie Review


“Seraphine” centers on Seraphine de Senlis, a simple housekeeper whose brilliantly colorful canvases adorn some of the most famous galleries in the world. Wilhelm Uhde, a german art critic and collector, discorvers her painting while she is working for him as a maid in Senlis near Paris!


“Seraphine” is a movie that won seven Cesars, which is the equivalent of the Academy Awards in France, including best picture and best actress, and best original screenplay. It’s a story of a woman who was a housekeeper who basically made canvases of very primitive art and was considered one of the leaders of the primitive movement in the early part of the 20th century. She was discovered in 1913 by a German critic who was one of the first people to discover Picasso. At the time she’s discovered she’s already 48 years old, and he accidentally discovers some of her work. Basically she is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, but it’s wonderful to watch this terrific actress, Yolanda Moreau, who really controls the screen and you’re not sure if she’s simple or smart and you’re not sure what she’s thinking at any particular time, but it’s really wonderfully textured movie. It’s a little over two hours and you’re going to be sorry when it’s over. Five stars.