Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Seminar is the story of four kids, three of whom are rich, who decide to hire a famous writer to come teach them a seminar on how to write. The kids are Jerry O’Connell, who was in Stand by Me and plays Douglas, sort of a pretentious twit; Martin, played by Hamish Linklater who you see a lot on Broadway and various television shows as well; Hettienne Park is Izzy, an Asian woman who is incredibly pretty and rather promiscuous, and Chase who is played by Lily Rabe, who is a rich girl who’s apartment is being used and has been writing a short story for six years.  I should probably also say that Martin is a shy author who won’t show his work to anybody, who has a huge crush on Izzy, and Douglas is sort of arrogant and makes incredible pronouncements, and clearly is headed for a Hollywood career because he speaks in platitudes.  Leonard, the teacher and the writer, is played by the wonderful Alan Rickman, who’s just as snotty as he could be.  This is kind of sitcom humor.  It’s very entertaining and amusing, it’s very well acted, but it doesn’t really mean anything except I guess what it takes to be a real writer and not to believe in rumors.  I don’t actually know what it’s about.  It’s kind of like cotton candy: while you’re there it’s a lot of fun, and afterwards it just kind of leaves this sweet, chemical taste in your mouth and sticky things on your fingers.  So Alan Rickman, is fabulous and I would undoubtedly watch him read The Phone Book.  This is pretty close to the Phone Book. The material really lets down the cast. Two and a half stars.