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The life story of Penny Chenery, owner of the racehorse Secretariat, who won the Triple Crown in 1973.


Secretariat is one of the most anticipated movies of the fall in that it’s great story about a great horse. Diane Lane is in it, what’s not to love?, and John Malkovich. Let me tell you the good news and the bad news. The bad news first. The script sucks. I mean it’s the worst written script I’ve ever heard on a big time movie, and that’s saying a lot, to the extent that people are actually snickering during the opening voice over, and it didn’t get any better as the movie went on. Also bad news, Diane Lane, while a wonderful actress, is not wonderful in this. However, let me get you the good news, because the good news is why you’re going to see this movie anyway. The horse races are fabulous. It’s probably the best photographs of horse races that you’ve ever seen, including some slow-mo of beautiful broncos. And the story of Secretariat is terrific. The problem is that there’s much more than the horse races and in fact in a couple of scenes where there’s racing and they turn around to show audience reaction, you’re thinking no, no, put the camera back on the horse. And a movie with human beings talking, where you’re thinking put the camera back on the horse, is not necessarily a great idea. John Malkovich chews on the scenery and nearly steals the movie as the trainer, Lucien. But you really don’t care about any of the people in this, you only care about the horse. But you will care about the horse. And the horse racing scene is terrific so two and a half stars. Every little girl in America is going to see this movie.