Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 



Dean is a failed screenwriter. Graham is a dot com millionaire who wants to produce movies. These former college friends reunite when  Dean’s Oscar-bait screenplay captures Graham’s imagination. How much is Dean willing to compromise to get the picture made? A biting Hollywood satire that examines friendship, rivalry and ambition.


Screenplay is the latest offering at 59 East 59. It’s written by Scott Brooks who also plays the lead. The idea is two college chums are competing for the adorable Suze, who’s played by Heather Dilly. We see them 15 years later, where one is incredibly wealthy, the valedictorian; and our hero, who is Dean, played by Jonathan Sale, is a struggling writer who’s not even working in Hollywood. Dean has an understanding girlfriend, who’s played by Lisa. She reads his latest screenplay and says it’s wonderful. So Graham comes to town, as the devil, I guess, and Dean makes a deal with the devil and then everything happens.. I mean I like this play, I think that Scott Brooks is probably a better writer than he is actor until the final scene, and then he sort of just tears up the scenery. But even though it’s absolutely predictable, it’s kind of fun to watch it anyway, so I give three stars, alright, I’ll give it three and a half just because I’m such a nice person!