Saving Lincoln

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Saving Lincoln is a movie that is seen from the point of view of Lincoln’s bodyguard US Marshal Ward Hill Lamon, who was a friend and a child of the South. To a certain extent it’s a completely different view from Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and much less charismatic than Daniel Day Lewis. Penelope Ann Miller is probably not quite as charismatic as Sally Field as well. It’s a smaller movie, but it has a sense of authenticity to it because a lot of the sets and scenery were taken directly from Civil War photographs. It’s a much smaller, more intimate, and in some ways less inspirational portrait of the first poor man who was ever President, as opposed to the law of aristocracy, and his misgivings. This Lincoln does not display the sense of humor that Spielberg’s displays, and has more grittiness, more insecurity, and is less of a towering figure and more of an ordinary man than heroic figure. The two are really fascinating side by side. In terms of entertainment, Spielberg wins, but you have a sense with Saving Lincoln that you are perhaps seeing a more authentic, if flawed version of a man that has come to seem bigger than life. This movie makes him seem like a much more accessible man. Three and a half stars.

Joy Meter