Santa Claus Is Coming Out

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Santa Claus Is Coming Out

Santa Claus Is Coming Out

Santa Claus Is Coming Out – Theater Review


Santa Claus Is Coming Out, a theatrical mock-u-mentary, is about the worldwide scandal surrounding the outing of Santa Claus. Writer-performer Jeffrey Solomon traces the intensely personal struggle of the great holiday icon, as he tries to reconcile his love relationship with Italian toy maker Giovanni Geppetto with his passion for giving to the world’s children

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Santa Claus is Coming Out is generating a huge amount of controversy, and unfortunately, it shouldn’t be. It is a cute little play that suggests that Santa Claus may, in fact, be gay. We follow a gay kid who wants a Barbie Doll through his life and everybody’s response to it and Santa Claus finally admitting that, instead of giving kids what they don’t want to ensure their gender clarity, that maybe he has been homophobic all along because he’s so closeted and so is Rudolph maybe. It is a one-man show by Jeffrey Solomon who plays all of the parts — some more successfully than others. It’s a cute little show. I sort of liked it. I think the idea is that Santa Claus is more a symbol than an actual person. Still, people are all up in arms about it for no particular reason. It is a little uneven, but it gets certainly a huge amount of credit for creativity and, I suppose, courage. So, three stars.