Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Salt – Movie Review


As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt’s efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: “Who is Salt?”


lt is the latest Cold War thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber. Philip Noyes, who did ‘Patriot Games’ among others, directs it. So, the director has certainly got his pedigree. Angelina is still a very attractive woman. I still don’t think she can act. Luckily, she doesn’t have to act in this. The movie opens with her being tortured by the North Koreans and being accused of being a spy, and we don’t know if she is or not. But the movie probably doesn’t make any sense if she’s not, does it? Oh, never mind. So, it turns out that she’s married, working in the CIA two years later. She’s got long blond hair that she puts in incredibly adorable styles. A Russian defector walks in on the night of her anniversary with her husband, her and Liev decide that she’s going to go interview him, during which the defector accuses her of being a mole, a plant from the old Soviet Union that was somehow schooled and brought up to be a sleeper in place in America. And, the rest of the movie is: “is she, or isn’t she?” There’s an enormously complicated plot, and enormously complicated chase scenes, and some ingenious ways of making ordinary things into bombs, which hopefully can’t be used in real life. Basically, she doesn’t have much acting to do, but she does a lot of running which of course she does exceptionally well. And, this is an exciting movie. It’s a perfect summer, silly movie. And, the situations are preposterous, and the idea that she would actually be a CIA agent seems to me a little far-fetched. But, it’ll keep you entertained for the 90 minutes or 100 minutes that it goes on. And so for that, it gets two and a half, maybe three stars. Alright, I’ll give it three stars because movie theaters are air conditioned.