Rooms: A Rock Romance

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Rooms: A Rock Romance

Rooms: A Rock Romance

Rooms: A Rock Romance – Theater Review


ROOMS a rock romance, is the story of two rockers and their quest for love.

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“Rooms, A Rock Romance”: I love New World Stages, on 50th street. They take a space that used to be a movie theater and made it into a place for quirky offbeat theater including “Altar Boyz”, but “Rooms” may be one of my favorite things that has ever been there. It’s got a two person cast, Doug Criger and Leslie Crisser , who play Scottish kids, who run into one another. Leslie is one of those perky people that would be Monica, and Ian is a depressed Scottish musician and what we see is the course of their relationship as we go from Glascout to London to New York. They are immensely talented, both as actors and as musicians. Their backed by a four piece orchestra, I guess rock band would be more appropriate, and this is just a delight. It’s everything you go to the theater to see. It’s got romance, it’s got pathos , it’s got everything basically but scenery. They move a door back and forth, but believe or not, it actually adds to the charm. Do not miss Rooms. Five stars.