Steven Knight + Redemption
Sunday, June 16 th, 2019 at 00:06 am Joy Meter
Director (s):
Steven Knight
Jason Statham, Senem Temiz, Vicky McClure
Action, Thriller
Vengance, Transformation

Redemption is the latest Jason Statham movie. This movie has to do with a solider that is very unhappy about his behavior. Stationed in Iraq, he turns out to have a drinking and drug problem. He runs into a nun who works at the soup kitchen, and somehow decides to turn his life around because he’s running away from thugs and isn’t enjoying his life. The solider ends up in a fabulous apartment with clothes that mysteriously fit him perfectly with the owner also conveniently being out of town for a while. We find out as the movie progresses that the solider has a daughter and ex-wife, and eventually falls for the nun. The movie becomes increasingly complicated and violent as the solider begins to work for the tri-ad. However, that being said, the plot behind the movie is not a bad idea, it’s just written poorly. Two and a half stars for this complex action thriller.

Joy Meter