Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Red – Theater Review


Pioneering artist Mark Rothko wins a commission to create murals for an elite client, which, with the aid of his assistant cum sounding board, causes him to question the very nature of art.

Pick of the Week!


Red has got the fabulous Alfred Molina playing the fabulous Mark Rothko. Eddie Redmayne , who I had not heard of before, is a Brit who has been in some things in Britain (this is a British production) plays Ken, his assistant. This is 90 minutes of pure pleasure. It’s smart, it’s well-acted. The scenes are well constructed, we understand a lot about both men, we get to look and understand a lot about Rothko. If you didn’t know much about Rothko, there is a two and a half page description of a fan, of Simon Schama, who has written books and TV series on the BBC about Rothko and its effect on people. But this is theatre at its best, it’s most intelligent, it’s most evocative. The scene that I loved the best, (and I’m not spoiling anything), is when they put an undercoat on a canvas for a Rothko painting and it is just — You’ll just sit there and smile and desperately want a paintbrush in you own hand. So run, don’t walk, to Red. Five stars.