Radnevsky’s Real Magic

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Radnevsky's Real Magic

Radnevsky's Real Magic

Radnevsky’s Real Magic – Theater Review


Downtown theatre company The Talking Band will collaborate with illusionist Peter Samelson in Radnevsky’s Real Magic, which follows the comeback of legendary underground magician The Great Radnevsky (portrayed by Samelson) who returns to the New York stage, following an absence of nearly three decades, with a never-before-seen magic show. The production blends the avant-garde theatrics of The Talking Band with The Great Radnevsky’s masterful talents, as he weaves a captivating web of stories within stories — complete with stunning and confounding illusion.


Radnevsky’s Real Magic is an interactive magic show featuring a magician and his relatively ambitious assistant, who together, bring up people up from the audience to participate in their demonstrations. Radnevsky does major illusions. His somewhat sleazy assistant does close work. It’s in a small theater so everybody is very close. I lamentably got called up to be the rube from the audience where they were pulling coins out of my ears and hair. I kept fluffing my hair. Kids will love this. The magic is perfectly fine. The idea is actually a good one. The acting is a little bit chewing on the scenery. So for magic, three stars, for acting, one. So I guess that averages out to a two star experience, but your kids will love it.