Racing Dreams

Friday, April 19 th, 2019 at 00:04 am 
Racing Dreams
Racing Dreams

Racing Dreams – Movie Review


A feature documentary following three young racers as they compete in the World Karting Association’s National Pavement Series. Clocking speeds up to 70 mph, these kids chase the National Championship title and take one step closer toward their dream of someday racing in the big show… NASCAR.


Racing Dreams is a documentary that focuses on three young kids who want to become NASCAR drivers. Two of them are from North Carolina, one of them is from Michigan. Two of them are boys, one of them is a girl. And they are the best of their group in terms of being able to drive go carts, which, believe or not, can reach up to speeds 70 miles per hour. Naturally they want to graduate from go carts to NASCAR. And we don’t blame them because it is, after all, the most popular spectator sport on television in the United States. It’s a huge industry with huge paychecks and huge fans. And these kids aspire to this. And the question is “Will they make it?”. And like all good documentaries you really get involved with the characters, you’re really rooting for them to see what will happen with their lives. It’s a really good documentary. You care about the kids, the races are fun, and there’s some good tension because you don’t know if they’re going to win or lose. So I give it four stars. You’ll really like it and your kids will love it. Four stars.