Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 




Puzzle is a movie  from Argentina. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles about a woman who is basically  works for everybody. She has a family, two sons and a husband who clearly adores her. She’s a 40 something house wife, and everybody kind of takes her for granted. At one point she’s I suppose throwing herself a party, and she makes all the food and everybody keeps asking her for more stuff and yadda yadda. But she finds out — someone gives her a puzzle for her birthday, and she finds out she’s really good at puzzling — at puzzles and goes to find another puzzle at Puzzle Mania, which is a fabulous store. And finds an ad for someone to come and do puzzles because apparently, this is something I knew nothing about, there are professional puzzle tournaments and you win money and all sorts of things. The puzzle master of course is a guy of a certain age, and she’s all of the sudden being praised and not taken for granted. This is a very European movie in that it’s kind of slow and it’s a character study, and you sort of long for a car crash. But the woman who plays Maria Del Carmen  is Maria Onetta . She’s apparently been nominated for an Argentinean Academy Award. Everybody in it is really good, and you really like her. It’s just a little bit slow and profound, but it will make you, if nothing else, understand that puzzles are a little bit more puzzling than you thought. I guess the metaphor is that you just have to have things fit together to make the perfect picture. I liked it,  four stars.