Punching The Clown

Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 


A satirical songwriter comes to Los Angeles and puts his life’s work in jeopardy.


“Punching The Clown” follows Henry Phillips that is described at one point as being James Taylor on smack, (although as Henry Philips points out, James Taylor was on smack). This is a guy who is a folk singer who I might add looks a little bit like one of my son-in-laws. He does political satire, and they follow him around in a story about his troubles to fortune. I don’t know how much this is staged or not, but Henry Philips has an off-beat sense of humor. This is kind of a cynical, satirical and fun kind of thing that’s very witty and smart about how tough it is to be on the road. It also is a satire about Hollywood and how tough it is to make it in the place of the rumor mill. So, I’d give it four stars.