Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 


How does the way we eat affect us and the planet? With heart disease and cancer threatening the majority of us, and climate change looming over the planet, a group of pioneering scientists, chefs and farmers share their life experiences of how food can help solve these problems.


PLANEAT:  is obviously a pun on planet and eat, or some sort of thing about that. This is well meaning, and sort of interesting. It’s just there’s not a whole lot of information that you don’t know before. And while the recipes look fabulous, and the cooks are very ingenious, there’s not a whole lot of information about how to adopt it these recipes on an ongoing basis.. I probably would have liked a 90 minute show on how to make eating plants easy, accessible, and fun. But I’d still give it  three stars.

Joy Meter