Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Oohrah! – Theater Review


Ron is back from his third and final tour in Iraq, and his wife Sara is excited to restart their life together in their new home. When a young marine visits the family, life is turned upside down. Sara’s sister is swept off her feet; her daughter Lacey trades her dresses for combat boots, and Ron gets hungry for real military action.


Oohrah! is a very well meaning play that looks at the role of a citizen soldier on the populous. It features a soldier coming home from Iraq. His daughter who wants to be a soldier. His wife whom he left behind. His sister-in-law who lusts after what seems to be a Marine and who turns out to be a Marine wannabe. Meanwhile, her fiance is not a soldier unlike her father, who was a veteran in World War II. Put it all together and the play really does have a well-rounded perspective about violence and men’s machismo and how they view war. The cast is not bad, although a bit uneven. This is in the Atlantic Theatre’s new space which is a nice space, but it takes much too long to get to the point and I would really blame the director more than the writer. While it does have a legitimate and interesting point of view, it just moves much to slowly.