Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 



Nine years in the making, ONE LUCKY ELEPHANT follows the poignant journey of circus producer David Balding as he tries to find a nurturing and permanent home for Flora, the 18-year-old African elephant that he rescued as an infant, raised as his “daughter” and made the star of his circus. David’s love for Flora is put to the ultimate test when he realizes he made a terrible mistake keeping her as a solo elephant, and decides to retire her from the circus after 17 years of performing.


One Lucky Elephant is one of the documentaries that should be probably be seen with Project Nim, which is the story of a chimp. This is the story of a baby elephant that is raised by a man who clearly loves him, and clearly did the elephant Flora a great disservice. This whole notion that somehow human beings in our arrogance think that we should be raising animals as pets, especially wild animals, really gets the kibosh  put on. This is a very well done documentary. It makes you understand why there should not be circus elephants. The question is whether we should actually even have pets, but certainly not from animals that were born to be wild. Four stars.