Ode to Joy

Craig Lucas + Ode to Joy
Thursday, August 22 nd, 2019 at 00:08 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Craig Lucas
Kathryn Erbe, Arliss Howard, Roxanna Hope

Ode to Joy is the latest from Craig Lucas, and probably should ahve been called, “Ode to a Hangover”. It stars Kathryn Erbe, who is very good in it, as well as Arliss Howard and Roxanna Hope. The story is in two acts, and spans 15 years, with Adele who is a painter and alcoholic, Bill who has a serious drinking problem as well, they run into each other in a bar, and in flashback, we hear about Mala who was Adele’s only walk on the lesbian side. I think the cast is better than the material to be quite honest, and the second act is significantly better than the first, although the first act is little bit more giggly, including people getting so drunk they fall down and break glasses and cut themselves. I don’t know I think that faling down drunk is as amusing as some of the other in the audience did, but the second act really redeems itself. The message is “let go of the revenge”…and really, how can I object to a play called “Ode to Joy”? So for the cast I would give it 4 stars, for the material, probably 2.5 to 3…so I’ll give 3.5 stars