Nursery University

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Nursery University
Nursery University

Nursery University – Movie Review


Set in New York City, the epicenter of a phenomenon cropping up in communities across the United States, “Nursery University” reveals the oddly competitive process of nursery school admissions. The film tells the story of five families – each with different backgrounds and economic circumstances – attempting to place their toddlers in preschool classrooms that have limited spaces and, thus, high price tags. “Nursery University” follows the families’ journeys, and the school directors who must determine which “applicants” to allow through their doors.


“Nursery University” is a documentary about New Yorkers trying to get their babies, their two and three year olds, into nursery school. It’s bloody and it’s competitive. There are only a few left standing at the end. It’s absolutely compelling and makes you convinced that you should not try to raise a child in New York City. Four stars.