Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

This is an enormously talented cast who were involved in Title of Show, which did very well off Broadway and then actually went to Broadway.  It starts off beautifully with the idea being that the odds of human beings actually existing are very small, which was my favorite number. This takes place in a museum where we look at turtles, birds, and the origin of species and yadda yadda… I think the cast is enormously talented. The songs almost all work. The problem is that there is not enough for this to be something more then a review. I think there needed to be a clearer plot line, which there sort of isn’t. The idea starts out with ‘what are the odds,’ and ‘how to stay in the here and now’ and then everybody does their own little life, dramas and histories including your grandmother and getting along with your father and you’re not feeling like you’re talented enough, which is the antithesis of staying in the moment. The finale sort of tries to bring it all together. I mean, I liked them, I liked the idea, I just think that there needs to be a stronger narrative for this to hold together, but I may have been sort of in the minority here because most of the audience really did seem to like it. Three and a half stars.