Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Nine – Movie Review


Famous film director Guido Contini struggles to find harmony in his professional and personal lives, as he engages in dramatic relationships with his wife, his mistress, his muse, his agent, and his mother


Nine is Rob Marshall’s take on the Broadway production Nine which is based on Frederico Fellini’s 8 and 1/2, which is a movie that shows his thinly disguised own experience and the women in his life including his mother and his mentor and his wife and his mistress and muse, the woman who introduced him to sex, a prostitute. And 8 and 1/2 refers to the seven women in his life. Himself and himself as a boy, so somehow they transmuted this into nine for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I thought the Broadway production didn’t work at all, even though it had some big names including Antonio Banderez and Jane Krasinski. I thought this movie really rocked, with the exception of about the first 20 minutes where a couple of the big production numbers look exactly like the numbers from Chicago, which isn’t surprising since that was a Rob Marshall production as well. But this has got a great cast. Daniel Day Lewis plays Guido Contini, which is Frederico Fellini thinly disguised. And he sings, he dances, he slouches, he smokes. He’s just terrific. In addition, Claudia is played by Nicole Kidman. Penelope Cruz plays his mistress. Judy Densch plays his friend and mentor. Fergie plays the prostitute. Kate Hudson plays a young woman from Vogue. Sophia Loren plays his mother. What a cast, you’re thinking. All of them sing. All of them dance. I just thought this was a terrific movie. I enjoyed if not every moment of it, most of them. Four and a half stars.