Next Fall

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Next Fall

Next Fall

Next Fall- Theater Review


The appealingly acted Naked Angels production that opened Wednesday night at Playwrights Horizons, directed by Sheryl Kaller, is an intellectual stealth bomb. Even as you’re being entertained by the witty talk of ingratiatingly imperfect people, feeling as comfortable as if you were watching your favorite long-running sitcom, big and uneasy questions — really big ones, without answers — are forming in the back of your mind. Don’t expect them to go away when the play is over.

Pick of the Week!


“NEXT FALL” is a production of Naked Angels, and they do great work. This is one of those plays that makes you pleased to be able to review theatre. It’s got an incredibly talented cast. There are basically six main people in it. The story is told in flashback and flash-forward, of a gay man who is not out of the closet, although that is not the beginning of the play. The first act opens in an ambiguous space, where we meet several thirty-somethings who clearly know each other, and are good at trading quips, and it only dawns on the audience in flashbacks that we are seeing a waiting room in a hospital. As the different relationships unfold we meet our titular closeted hero. But it’s not only about being closeted. It’s about putting off what we shouldn’t put off. Next fall, we’re going to tell our father that we’re gay. Or next fall, we’re going to get a new job. So, it’s about regret and living life to the fullest. But to say that, doesn’t begin give this play enough credit. It is a wonderful production, beautifully acted, beautifully written. The first half is very funny. The second half is not funny at all, but it is well worth your time and effort. It is at The Playwrights Horizons on 42nd street, and it’s just a wonderful production. Don’t miss it. Five stars.