Newsical the Musical

Saturday, July 20 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 

NEWSICAL THE MUSICAL stars Christine Pedi, Christina Bianco, and Michael West, and you may recall all of them from Forbidden Broadway. There is also John Walton West and I don’t know if the two fellas are related or not. They are completely different sizes, so maybe not. And what they do is a musical around news events. The night I saw it they were having some microphone problems, which is a real problem when you are dealing with musical satire because you really need to hear every word; somewhat of a problem. The cast is impossibly talented and they are very clever. I think that it needs probably a little bit of culling. It’s 90 minutes, but there are probably a couple of skits that just don’t work at all and should be taken out. In fairness to the cast, I was also with probably the coldest audience I have ever seen, they responded to nothing. But this is really very clever. I think it would work better if they did it more as a news magazine, which they had in varied segments because they do politics, they do celebrities, they do the economy, they do Ashton Kutcher… I mean it’s very wide spread and I think a unifying principal other than just news stories might help a little bit. But basically it’s fun and the cast is incredibly talented. Hopefully the microphones will work better so you can hear a little bit more. I’d give it three and a half stars.