Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 

a changed world



My Perestroika’ tells the story of five people from the last generation of Soviet children who were brought up behind the Iron Curtain. Just coming of age when the USSR collapsed, they witnessed the world of their childhood crumble and change beyond recognition. Through the lives of these former schoolmates, this intimate film reveals how they have adjusted to their post-Soviet reality in today’s Moscow. Written by Anonymous

MY PERESTROIKA follows five ordinary Russians living in extraordinary times – from their sheltered Soviet childhood, to the collapse of the Soviet Union during their teenage years, to the constantly shifting political landscape of post-Soviet Russia. Together, these childhood classmates paint a complex picture of the dreams and disillusionment of those raised behind the Iron Curtain.


This is an interview with a number of Russians who are still living in Russia about how Russia has changed, and the idea is that it basically comes full circle, but they grew up in the 60s and 70s under Breshnev and then how the change  perestroika and detente changed their lives and now what it’s changing back to, and basically I thought it was actually a pretty interesting film. But it got a little redundant toward the end. If you’re a student of history or if you like hearing people speak Russian, it’s a pretty interesting part of history about how a group of people were taught to believe one thing and then their world completely changed, and given the geopolitical situation these days in the world, this is going to happen to an awful lot of people in an awful lot of societies. So it’s pretty interesting for that. So I give it two and a half stars.