My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
My Big Gay Italian Wedding
My Big Gay Italian Wedding

My Big Gay Italian Wedding – Theater Review


Gay Brooklynites must overcome obstacles (including a disapproving Italian mother) to get married.


‘My Big Gay Italian Wedding’ is not only timely, but very sweet. It stars two cute guys and basically the play rises and falls on whether or not you like them. But don’t worry, you’ll like them. And of course it also includes a crazy lovable family. I must say the part of the wedding planner was my favorite. This is not ‘Tony and Tina’s Wedding’ in that there’s no audience interaction. But it really looks at some serious issues and some silly ones as well. You can’t help but notice that the audience has a good time. The intertwining of serious and some silly allows the audience to find its individual comfort level for a really sort of fun night. And lest I forget some seriously hot bodied dancers, especially the guys. So go see ‘My Big Gay Italian Wedding’ off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre. Four stars.