Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


A young lady discovers that the mother who gave her such a high-toned upbringing is in fact the madam of a brothel. Far from being ashamed of her profession, however, Mrs. Warren defends it as the epitome of capitalism.


“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” is written by George Bernard Shaw and is basically everybody’s least favorite George Bernard Shaw play.  The story is of a young, spoiled woman who finds out that her mother ran a brothel to pay for her to get through school.  In the meantime, we’re questioning who the child’s father is.  The main reason to see this play is Cherry Jones who plays Kitty Warren.  You might now Cherry Jones from the movie “Doubt”.  Here, there is no doubt that she is a hooker.  The problem is she’s a force of nature although she’s playing Mrs. Warren basically as Mae West.  The problem really is two-fold.  First of all, the material really does seem a bit dated. Second, there is a miscast. Vivie Warren is played by Sally Hawkins, who’s wonderful in the movie “Happy Go Lucky” but not here.  Her voice seems too shrill and she’s too small for the part.  So, Cherry Jones is terrific and the rest of the cast is fine.  But I think Sally Hawkins is really miscast in this and the material is too dated.  So I would give it two stars.