Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Motherhood – Movie Review


Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver, and Anthony Edwards star in writer/director Katherine Dieckmann’s slice of life indie about a hapless mother of two’s attempt to prepare for her daughter’s rapidly-approaching sixth birthday party. Along the way, the harried mother is forced to contend with a monumental series of unexpected urban challenges.


Motherhood is a well meaning look at young urban professional moms who want to have it all. Uma Thurman plays a mom of two married to Anthony Edwards living in two apartments in Greenwich Village. No, they are not separated, they are just rent controlled, with a six-year-old and a two-year-old. The woman is trying to find in a period of one day, time to write a 500 word essay that will get her $3,000 and a possible job. The movie takes place over one day. Minnie Driver plays her friend who is a pregnant single mom. The problem about this is that the acting is just plain awful. Uma Thurman looks great, but I mean it’s like bad high school acting. It’s just wretched. And you don’t really sympathize with her. She has to sit out in the hallway instead of going to her kid’s birthday party. She’s never heard of cabs rather than riding a bicycle around Greenwich Village to make all the stops to pick up the stuff. She isn’t sensible to pick up the paper products first as opposed to the groceries and carrying them into the party store. She would invite a messenger into her apartment to dance with. None of it makes any sense. I lived in the Village so it was fun to watch. One star.