Friday, August 23 rd, 2019 at 00:08 am 



Oscar nominee Michael Shannon stars in the New York premiere of Mistakes Were Made, a new comedy by Craig Wright, directed by Dexter Bullard. Producer or politician? Is he defending his life or fighting to get one last project off the ground? Either way, Mistakes Were Made finds Felix completely oblivious to the world collapsing around him.


Mistakes Were Made is a comedy written by Craig Wright and stars Michael Shannon, who won an Oscar nomination for his portrayal as the brother in Revolutionary Road, and he’s terrific in this. He plays Felix Artifex who is a producer who’s trying to convince a Broadway star to star in a play, while trying to convince the playwright to change the play about the French Revolution to a one-man show. He also has to deal with everybody’s agent, an ex-wife, and improbably enough, some sheep herders in the middle of the desert who are being hijacked by flamethrowers. If it sounds like he’s throwing everything including the kitchen sink at you, you got it. The reason to see this is Michael Shannon, who is terrific in this. He’s funny and touching and smart and everything else. To be quite honest, the play goes on a bit too long. The ending doesn’t make any sense and there’s some things thrown in that are probably extraneous, but the reason to see this is a virtuoso performance by Michael Shannon. I wish it had been a little shorter and a little bit more coherent, but I’m sort of nit-picking. This is a hot ticket and seeing Michael Shannon is well worth the price of admission. So go see it. Four and a half stars.