Master Class

Saturday, July 20 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 

Master Class is the great work by Terrence McNally. The starring role has been performed by no less luminaries than Zoe Caldwell and Patty Lapone, and this one stars Tyne Daly and you forget that she is a really good singer. I mean she was Mama Rose in Gypsy, that’s how good she is. She doesn’t do a lot of singing here but she doesn’t have to. She looks so much like Maria Callas that it is scary and she comes out and just dominates the stage; she is fabulous. I have seen it with Audra McDonald and Zoe Caldwell, but she makes it her own.  Tyne Daly has the ability to make unsympathetic characters monstrous, understandable, and human all at the same time, which is a true skill. In this one, her students are all fine and affecting as the hapless “victims” of her rather bombastic teaching methods, but this is Tyne’s show and she takes it and runs with it and will probably win a Tony because she is just plain fabulous. 4.5 stars.