Mary Stuart

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart – Theater Review


Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter will re-create their acclaimed London performances on Broadway in Friedrich Schiller’s classic “Mary Stuart”.


I love English history, and the conflict between Queen Mary and Elizabeth the First, I find fascinating, both as somebody who loves history and also as a psychologist. These are two women who are wonderful actresses at the top of their game. You’ve got Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer. I actually love the second act. The first act, to be quite honest, was a bit ponderous. Everybody was sort of setting things up. I don’t think you actually needed the first act at all. The whole play would have been more exciting and run more smoothly, and certainly be a little less taxing if all you had was the second act. So, I give the performance five stars, the play itself three stars, so we’ll even this out at four stars.