Mann vs Ford

Wednesday, July 17 th, 2019 at 00:07 am 

Mann vs. Ford


This is the story of the Ford Motor Company allegedly, and apparently not denying, dumping all sorts of toxic waste into an area where there were some very poor people, including Native Americans living on a hand to mouth existence and running around in it, who are now finding themselves quite ill; another cancer cluster. This movie has a lot of heart and you really care about the people, except that you’ve seen it all before.  The idea that major corporations are dumping toxic waste that poisons people is not a new theme in documentaries and just by its ubiquitous nature, which I suppose is a horrible statement about American values as well as corporate values (which are probably non-existent), it just seems like we’ve seen it all before.  If you haven’t seen it before, I think you’ll be interested and if you have, it’s going to just seem like, oh gee, one more example of irresponsible, lethal corporate behavior that impacts people who are the least able to deal with it or able to fight back. I give it two stars.