Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


Looped – Theater Review


Hello, dahling. Come meet film and stage actress Tallulah Bankhead, known for her whiskey voice, innumerable affairs with men and women, outlandish exploits and outrageous wit.


Looped is a new comedy that stars Valerie Harper as Tallulah Bankhead. There are several problems with this. It’s in two acts, which are not very related to each other. The first act is Valerie who looks scarily like Miss Bankhead. As far as I can tell, she is sort of over the top. It’s all one liners and zingy, nasty comments to the poor little sound engineer who has been sent to get one line of dialogue from her from a lousy movie. His name is Danny, played by Brian Hutchinson who’s a Broadway vet. He is actually terrific and steals the show out from underneath Valerie who sort of chews on the scenery during the first act. The second act is significantly better. But the problems are the first act and second act really don’t have much overlap, number one. Number two, who knows who Tallulah Bankhead is anymore? So, in terms of a concept, it’s kind of interesting. As I said, the first act I find a little wearing, but I’d give it three stars because Valerie is fun to watch, and the second act actually makes a little bit of sense.