Looking for Palladin

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Looking for Palladin

A young Hollywood player is drawn into a remote place looking for a quick deal and instead finds a sanctuary, a community, and ultimately himself.

 LOOKING FOR PALLADIN stars Ben Gazzara which is the major reason to see it, although Talia Shire is also in it, and Vincent Pastore. This is a movie that almost works on several different levels. It works as a picture post card of Guatemala. It really is beautiful and makes you want to instantly book a flight to a sun shiny climate with really nice people. It is somewhat a sort of Raising Ned Devine kind of movie in its depiction of the charm and innocence of small villages. It is part sharky LA agent, it is part finding your father and your roots, and I think any of them might have worked individually. But as a mishmash, it doesn’t quite work and it goes on too long. Ben Gazzara is wonderful to watch. David Moscow plays the sleazy LA agent and there are some real moments of charm in this movie, but I think it needed some serious editing. I guess I will give it three stars just for the fact that it worked so hard, but it is probably really a two star

Joy Meter