Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 

Lbs. – Movie Review


A 315-pound man decides to kick his food addiction by moving to the country.


LBS. is a movie about weight and is a Brooklyn / Queens experiment. The story is about a kind of loser guy who is too heavy, doesn’t have a job, lives with his parents, and is nasty to everybody. In a moment of total humiliation, he decides to go live in a trailer up in the wilds to see if he can regain his life and tackle his food addiction. He goes with a friend of his who is a cocaine addict, who is very attractive. During the course of the movie, because presumably the guy doesn’t have a double or a twin, he loses a lot of weight. He comes back looking fairly presentable and his friend, the cocaine addict, who is beautiful, looks like a drug addict scarecrow. My questions was, were these the same guys and how did they do this? Because it doesn’t look like CGI to me. This is kind of a sweet story and it is not that I objected to it, it is just that it took an awful long time to get to it. So I’d give it three stars.