Langston in Harlem

Monday, August 26 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Langston in Harlem
Langston in Harlem

Langston in Harlem – Theater Review


Langston in Harlem” is a new musical about one of America’s most honored poets, Langston Hughes. Set in the African-American cultural capital of Harlem from the Harlem Renaissance through the Civil Rights movement, “Langston in Harlem” tells the story of Langston Hughes’ journey into manhood and his emergence as one of the most beloved and forward thinking artists of our time. This new musical is filled with Jazz, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, dance and spoken-word that sings, jumps, stomps and shouts. Langston Hughes glorious words and poetry of love, loss, joy and the blues and the people of Harlem who inspired him, come gloriously to life, in “Langston in Harlem”.


Langston in Harlem is a musical based on the life of Langston Hughes, who actually, was not born in New York but viewed Harlem as his home. Josh Tower plays Langston Hughes. This is really a lovely musical with some great voices. It’s just a little bit too long; the choreography here is extraordinary. And, I really think with a little bit of judicious editing, it could really go farther up town. But, if you’ve ever been enamored of Langston Hughes, in his poetry, or you just want to see an interesting kind of theatrical event, the tickets aren’t very expensive, they’re about $25 during previews, then $40 which is still a bargain. It’s at Urban States. It’s on 30th Street. And, I think you’ll really enjoy it. So, four stars.