Kung Fu

Leigh Silverman + Kung Fu
Saturday, July 20 th, 2019 at 00:07 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):
Leigh Silverman
Emmanuel Brown, Clifton Duncan, Bradley Fong, Cole Horibe
Martial Arts/Biography

Kung Fu is the new play from David Henry Hwang who also wrote M Butterfly and Golden Child, he is a very talented playwright. This is allegedly the story, or biography of Bruce Lee. the guy who plays Bruce Lee is absolutely lovely, his name is Cole Horibe, and he is Tae Kwon Do national and Olympic medalist, he’s been on the show “So you Think You Can Dance”, and he can dance and he can do Kung Fu, and he’s cute, and he can actually act. He also has ahuge supporting cast that does the Kung Fu moves with him to thrilling effect, including one that is done with black light. There is also a flashback to Bruce’s father who was an actor in China who wanted better for his son. The problem about this if you are looking for the motivations for Bruce Lee, there is no Mom at all in this and you don’t get a sense if he had brothers or sisters, or anything at all. Its biography of Bruce Lee but we never get ot the point where he becomes a movie star, he played kato in the Green Hornet for one season, and many people feel he was the best part of that show. There is something missing here, if this is supposed to be about Bruce Lee, we need more. We know he was trying to please his father, but that is pretty thing stream to go 2+ hours with. The choreography is fantastic, and the fight scenes are wonderful, and the Kung Fu moves done as a group are wonderful, and the final scene where Bruce comes out with only spotlights behind him and does his thing is truly thrilling. But at the end you still don’t know very much about Bruce, the father/son stuff, we needed more of that. What is does, it does well, but it needed to a bit more or a bit less. 3 stars