Knight and Day

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Knight and Day
Knight and Day

Knight and Day – Movie Review


June Havens (Diaz) finds her everyday life tangled with that of a secret agent (Cruise) who has realized he isn’t supposed to survive his latest mission. As their campaign to stay alive stretches across the globe, they soon learn that all they can count on is each other.


Knight and Day is Tom Cruise in a way that we haven’t seen him, since probably Risky Business all those years ago. He’s charming, he’s adorable, he has a sense of humor about himself. He’s terribly aware of that cute grin. His cool is Cameron Diaz, who’s probably four feet taller than he is, and maybe that’s part of his charm and vulnerability in this movie. He plays an outrageous kind of superhero in the James Bond mold but he does seem to have a sense of humor about himself. Cameron Diaz yells for most of the first half of the movie, which gets a bit tiresome, but then she comes into her own in the second. I thought this movie was really charming. I thought it was fresh and funny and feisty and and maybe a bit far-fetched — okay a lot far-fetched, but nevertheless, great fun. It’s nice to see Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise again, so I’ll give it four stars.